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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How far do you service?

    We will provide service typically within a 25-mile radius. Please give us a call to see if we service your location. For quality stump grinding and debris removal, choose Precision Stump Grinding.

  • What is the typical cost to get a stump removed?

    The cost depends on the size of the stump and the difficulty of the job. Please give us a call today to set up a time for a quote for our stump grinding.

  • How deep do you grind the stump?

    We will typically grind the stump about six to eight inches deep, but it can be deeper depending on the job. According to Lawn Starter, when stump grinding is the method used to remove a stump, it can be done under the ground as well as above ground. The grinding can go eight to 12 inches underground. This allows you to plant another shrub in the same spot. For more information on our stump grinding, please give us a call.

  • Will I be left with a hole in the ground after you leave?

    No! We will fill the hole with a filling of your choice. For example, we often use woodchips, topsoil, and other options. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with our stump grinding service.

  • What type of debris do you remove?

    We remove brush, yard debris, firewood, logs, fallen branches, or dead trees. For more information on our debris removal, please give us a call today!